Understanding the Program

Premier Training

One month of intensive training on your theme, learning from experts and connecting with peers.

Practical Experience

Six months working in the field, focusing on report writing, policy, legal advice, and networking.

Peer Insights

Monthly meetings with fellow participants to share insights and reflection, enhancing your learning.

Skill-Based Application Process

Our approach is designed to minimize biases by focusing on skills over credentials, ensuring fairness. We test what matters by aiming to identify talent based on the skills crucial for success in this role.

Additionally, we enhance the experience by providing clear insight into the required skills, offering you a valuable application experience.

Here are the essentials

We primarily focus on people who have around 10 years of work experience, though having at least 3 years is a requirement.

Ability to commit full time, or at least 32 hours per week.

Eligibility to work in the European Union.

Preparedness to quit your job and transition to a new, impactful career path.

Educational requirement: Bachelor's degree (minimum); Master's degree (preferred).

Willingness to live on a career transition grant of EUR 3.6k gross per month.

Willingness to relocate to Brussels, at least for the fellowship duration (with exceptions for outstanding candidates). A limited amount of host organizations could require temporary relocation to a major city, like Berlin or Geneva. There are a limited number of remote spots for the Tobacco Control Fellowship.

We are especially interested in individuals with experience in: legal roles, strategy and management consulting, applied research, lobbying, marketing and communications, tax, data analysis, fundraising, policy making, food technology and sustainable protein, agriculture, prevention in alcohol/drugs/tobacco and investigative journalism.


Are you ready to be part of a fellowship that changes the world, one ambitious step at a time? Apply to the Moral Ambition Fellowship today and begin your journey towards becoming part of a group of powerful advocates for good.

At The School for Moral Ambition, we embrace diversity and inclusion. We welcome applicants of all races, religions, gender identities, sexual orientations, ages, national origins, abilities, and other diverse backgrounds. We value talent and a proactive attitude over conventional credentials, and are dedicated to fostering an inclusive environment where every aspiring fellow can thrive.

Applications for the Moral Ambition Fellowships have now ended. Thank you to everyone who applied! Stay tuned for updates and future opportunities.

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The School for Moral Ambition emerged from a desire not only to talk about a better world but also to take action towards one.

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host organization

Each fellowship placement is carefully curated, involving a pre-selected host organization working on a pre-defined topic. While fellows have the opportunity to indicate their project preferences, the final match is made by our team. This structured approach ensures that all fellows are integrated into initiatives that are already in motion, allowing for immediate and impactful contributions.

EXAMPLES of our host organizations

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