You have a neat resume and a great job. You're what people commonly call 'successful.' And yet, something gnaws at you. Does your work really make a difference? Are you using your talents for a good cause? Or has the world not really become a better place when you've checked off your to-do lists?

If these are questions you struggle with, then the European Moral Ambition Fellowships of The School for Moral Ambition are the place for you. As a foundation we want to help you explore a different path, one where your career and the precious time you invest in it contribute to a much better world.‍

The mission of our foundation is clear. We want to help as many people as possible take the step towards a job with a positive impact.

This year, we're kicking off in Europe, with our headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Meanwhile, we have the ambition to ignite a global movement. We aim to help as many people as possible take the step towards a career with a positive impact.
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The School for Moral Ambition emerged from a desire not only to talk about a better world but also to take action towards one.

The four founders are writer Rutger Bregman, designer Harald Dunnink, former banker Julia van Boven, and former consultant Jan-Willem van Putten.

To determine the missions of our first two fellowships, our research team began with a longlist of 30+ neglected global problems. After about 1,000 hours of research and interviews with more than 50 experts, two cause areas came out on top: fighting the tobacco industry (8 million deaths a year) and accelerating the protein transition (crucial to combat climate change).

We live in a world where the best people usually don't work on the most important problems. That needs to change. And for us, these two fellowships are just the beginning. 
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our seven principles

As a foundation, The School for Moral Ambition is founded on seven principles. These describe the way we want to improve the world – and guide all our decisions.
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We are looking for financiers who act in accordance with our values and embody moral ambition in their own lives, to jointly create something that truly matters.
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