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We believe in the power of small groups of driven individuals to bring about big changes in the world. With our fellowships, we bring together talented, ambitious people to tackle the most urgent problems of our time.

One of our co-founders, Jan-Willem van Putten, applied a similar approach at Training for Good. He helped to establish this Brussels-based non-profit, where fellows are being trained to regulate AI at a European level.

Now at The School, we are applying these lessons to two new areas: combating the tobacco industry and facilitating the transition to sustainable proteins.

Fellowship focus areas

For the first fellowships, we have chosen to focus on tackling the tobacco industry and accelerating the protein transition. These choices are based on the work of our full-time researchers, in collaboration with research from external parties.

At The School for Moral Ambition, we are continuously looking to evaluate global issues by defining the role of importance, neglect, and solvability. These two topics emerged as the best for us to tackle first. In our explainers, you can read why we are convinced of this.

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How the Fellowships work

Premier Training

One month of intensive training on your theme, learning from experts and connecting with peers.

Practical Experience

Six months working in the field, focusing on report writing, policy, legal advice, and networking.

Peer Insights

Monthly meetings with fellow participants to share insights and reflection, enhancing your learning.

Criteria for Prospective Fellows

The program runs from September 1, 2024, to April 1, 2025, with applications open from May 1 to May 20, 2024. Missed this year? We're planning more fellowships for the future.

We can only select twelve fellows per theme, which means many will be turned down. Fellows receive a Dutch average salary (€3.6k gross per month) to dedicate full-time to this program.

We seek candidates with ideally around ten years of experience (minimum three years), including lawyers, consultants, lobbyists, policy workers, tax experts, food specialists, marketers, and investigative journalists. We also welcome later career changers aiming to work in tobacco control and food transition post-fellowship.

Applications for the Moral Ambition Fellowships have now ended. Thank you to everyone who applied! Stay tuned for updates and future opportunities.

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Our international fellowships offer a transformative journey, demanding full commitment as you pivot your career alongside a group of ambitious peers. With guidance from top-tier guest speakers, we focus on what truly matters — equipping you to address the most critical, overlooked challenges ahead.

Fellows are matched with pre-selected projects and host organizations based on their preferences. Final pairings are decided by us to ensure you make an immediate impact.

Applications for the Moral Ambition Fellowships have now ended. Thank you to everyone who applied! Stay tuned for updates and future opportunities.